SPR Information for Districts and Schools


This section of the School Performance Report (SPR) web site provides information to help districts and schools to complete three primary tasks:

  • Collecting and reporting data to DPI
  • Reviewing data after reporting to DPI and before reporting back to parents and guardians
  • Reporting data returned by DPI to parents and guardians, as required by state law

I want information and help on collecting and reporting data to DPI

I want information on reviewing data for accuracy and completeness

I want information and help on reporting data back to parents and guardians

Retrieving and Using SPR Data for Local Reports to Parents and Guardians

Use WINSS Data Analysis Section.

Reporting Comparative Data of Other Districts in the Same Athletic Conference


NOTICE: School finance data (costs and revenues) on the SPR web site are "point in time," that is, numbers as of a certain date. Finance data is subject to revision. Please refer to the School Financial Services web site for the most up-to-date cost and revenue data.


Changes to the School Performance Report over Time

Questions or comments regarding the School Performance Report should be directed to the SPR Coordinator, (608) 267-3166.

For questions about this information, contact dpistats@dpi.wi.gov (608) 267-3166